Who uses WINGS?

  • Child Care Providers/Preschool Teachers use WINGS to organize a quality learning environment and implement developmentally and culturally appropriate curriculum for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

  • Child Care Program/School Administrators refer to WINGS for guidance on implementing a quality early care and education program based on national standards.

  • Family/Group Child Care Providers use WINGS to organize a quality home learning environment specific to the children they serve at a given time.

  • After-school Care Providers use WINGS to plan and organize fun and engaging learning activities for children in pre-k and kindergarten reinforcing the regular classroom curriculum after school. 
  •  College Faculty use WINGS as a college textbook or guide for teaching early childhood education or child development students how to organize and implement developmentally and culturally appropriate practices in family/group or center-based settings.

  • Early Childhood Education and Child Development Students refer to WINGS in their quest to learn strategies for appropriately guiding and educating young children.

  •  Parents read WINGS to learn the characteristics of a quality early learning environment and to discover how their children learn best in the early years.

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