Sweet November: Giving Thanks with Children in Preschool

Nov 01, 2022

Throughout the month of November, we are encouraging early learning programs to engage children in activities that allow them to show appreciation for people they love, food, clothing, and shelter. 

WINGS Curriculum November Lesson Plan Ideas for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers/pre-k plus Parent Buzz newsletters are available on MyWINGS Online—our online teacher resource center. Developmentally and culturally appropriate educational activities for individualized play, learning centers, large groups, small groups, computer/online games, outdoor exploration, field trips, guest speakers and more are included for teachers to implement on a daily basis.

Excerpt from WINGS Curriculum November Lesson Plan Ideas:

Every morning this month, engage children in singing “Thankful Days” by Dr. Bisa, and then ask them to share what they are thankful for today. This is a great way to start (and end) each day!

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At WINGS Curriculum, we are thankful for YOU!

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