5 Must-Dos before the First Day of Preschool

Aug 01, 2022

As early educators prepare for the new school year, we decided to share a few classroom tips!

  1. Make nameplates for each child’s cubby/mailbox.
  2. Prepare new classroom signs, labels, and charts.
  3. Create a pictorial Daily Activity Schedule to display the flow of routines.
  4. Prepare theme boxes to support monthly planning and learning experiences. You can easily toss in items throughout the year related to curricular themes and studies.
  5. Create a pictorial Classroom Rules chart. The standard amount of rules is no more than one rule per the children’s age group (Example: Three rules for 3 year-olds). On your rules chart, remember to tell children what TO do vs. what NOT to do. (Examples: Be kind. Play safely. Keep our classroom clean.)

Every month, we share ideas to support your efforts via the “Honey-Do List” in our Monthly Lesson Plans

Honey is our mascot!

Remember to peruse Honey’s list each month to update your learning environment, assessments, and evaluation; engage families and community associates; communicate with parents; and, facilitate an inclusive classroom, based on our recommendations!

We love to spread our WINGS! Children need WINGS!

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