Fall-ing for Autumn: Activities for Children in Preschool

Oct 01, 2022

Fall is upon us! Are you already feeling the changes in weather and seeing the leaves transform in your community? This is such a beautiful season! 

Fall is the season of the year between summer and winter, lasting from the autumnal equinox to the winter solstice and from September to December in the Northern Hemisphere. To support planning efforts in early education and family engagement, we decided to share a few activity excerpts from our October WINGS Curriculum Monthly Lesson Plan Ideas.

Large Groups

  • Discussions—“Autumn Changes”: Bring pictures and books to show children differences between seasons with emphasis on the weather transition from summer to fall. Write key vocabulary on chart paper. 
  • Music & Movement: Sing and dance to “It’s Fall” by Dr. Bisa. Here are the lyrics:

It’s Fall, it’s Fall, it’s Fall, you see

So much fun for you and me

Pretty colors all around

And the leaves are falling down

It’s Fall, it’s Fall, it’s Fall, you see

So much fun for you and me.

  • Story Time: Visit your local library to check out available titles on these topics: Autumn, Fall, Seasons, Harvest, Fall produce

Small Groups

  • Fall Colors Collage: Using magazines and catalogs, construction paper, scissors and glue, children will cut out pictures to make a collage showing colors we see outdoors in fall. 
  • Fall Measures: Provide standard measuring tools (ruler, tape measure, yard stick, weight scale…) and non-standard measuring tools (yarn, ribbon, acorns, pinecones). Children will measure assorted fall produce using both standard and non-standard tools. 

Exploration—Materials to Rotate in Learning Centers

  • Counting Materials & Objects to Measure: Pumpkins/gourds, apples, fall produce, acorns, apples, leaves, farm tools, pinecones, pine straw
  • Magazines & Catalogs: Fall clothing catalogs, fall décor magazines, fall recipes, fall produce, arts & crafts, farming, art designs
  • Picture Cards & Books:  Farms, crops, fall produce, leaves, pumpkins, fall recipes

Outdoor Play

  • Take children on a nature walk and allow them to collect safe, natural objects – pinecones, pine straw, acorns, rocks… Discuss each object and which are significant to the season.

Family & Community Engagement

  • Invite parents/guardians to sign-up as guest speakers to share photos and stories about their family’s favorite fall activities and recipes.
  • Field Trip Options: Farm, Farmer’s Market, Pumpkin Patch, Melon Patch
  • Invite Guest Speakers: Farmer, Produce Manager, Meteorologist

WINGS Curriculum October Lesson Plan Ideas for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers/pre-k plus Parent Buzz newsletters are available on MyWINGS Online—our Online Teacher Resource Center. Whether you implement WINGS as your full curriculum or as a supplement, our Monthly Lesson Plan Ideas create WIN-WIN learning experiences for all!

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