Building a Fun & Enriching Preschool Program

Sep 01, 2022

To be successful lifelong learners through critical thinking and problem-solving, children need daily opportunities to learn independently and in groups in a safe and supportive learning environment. 

Quality early childhood curriculum is based on the interests, needs, and skill levels of the children in the class. Broad, open-ended themes are most appropriate for learning, because they allow teachers to create diverse assignments across all subject areas and extend to all age groups. 

In WINGS Curriculum, there is one broad monthly theme accompanied by four weekly studies (sub-themes & children’s interests) to support children in learning physical, social-emotional, language and literacy, and cognitive goals and skills. Check out WINGS Lesson Foundations: Themes & Studies.

Quality early childhood curriculum enables teachers to center lesson plans around a monthly theme, along with children’s interests (studies) that emerge. The theme and studies entice children to want to learn new concepts and skills during group time (whole-group and small-group), outdoor play, and exploration (center time). 

Children need WINGS!


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