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How Flowers Get Their Colors

Activity Book and Guide

By Bisa Batten Lewis, EdD

Illustrations by Amy Koch Johnson

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About The Author

Bisa Batten Lewis, Ed.D. (“Dr. Bisa") is a best-selling author. Her publications include education and parenting articles, college textbooks, children's books, early childhood curriculum, adult education curriculum, early learning handbooks, educational music for children and more.

Having supervised multiple child development centers and college lab schools, facilitated programs from preschool to the university level, and continuing to provide curriculum and training to enhance the early education workforce, Dr. Bisa offers realistic methods of implementing quality research based learning materials for both adults and children.

Professing as a life goal to advocate for children, Dr. Bisa is actively committed to upgrading the quality of early learning settings around the world. Her diverse experiences in early care and education have taught her the importance of providing practical curriculum and training materials that outline the most appropriate strategies for engaging children in learning.

Dr. Bisa earned Doctor of Education and Master of Education Degrees in Adult Education at the University of Georgia and Master of Education and Bachelor of Science Degrees in Early Childhood Education at Albany State University.

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How Flowers Get Their Colors

Activity Book and Guide

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